What is Plussmeedia?

Christian media, made by youths for youths.

Pluss magazine, PlussPunkt radio show, Plussmeedia YouTube channel and international media camps. On the website you can find Christian news and other faith related thoughts.


The Vision of Pluss

Doing international youth work with the purpose of equipping and training young people to share the gospel through media channels.

Estonia, Russia, Finland.. where next? The best Message through magazine, radio, video, Internet. From youth to youth. We are all one in Christ!


Can I join in and help?

We are joyfully waiting for new members to our team! If you want to be involved with what Plussmeedia is doing or like to write fascinating articles for the magazine or website don’t hesitate to contact us!

Plussmeedia’s aim is that youths make content for their peers. Our volunteers write articles, take photos, make video interviews, host a radio program and post on the website. You are welcome if you are eager about media work, even if you have no prior experience – we will learn together! Through international camps in Finland and Russia you can learn a lot from other’s experiences and see how things are done elsewhere.

Write to us about your wish to join and we will get in touch!



Plussmeedia’s work is possible thanks to our good partners.

The Lutheran Evangelical Association of Finland

The Finnish Lutheran Mission

The Norwegian Mission Society

The Children and Youth Work Association

Our good friends in Christian youth media are:

Finland: Nuotta –, see the Nuotta magazine

Russia: Võbor –, see the Võbori magazine


Want to support Pluss?

1 Euro a day?

A Euro can quickly be spent on a burger, soda or chocolate bar. What if you gave a Euro a day to support mission work?

Pluss does media mission. The goal is to unite Christian youths in Estonia and tell about Jesus to those who don’t know Him. That work needs your support.

Ways to support:

Account Name: SA EELK Misjonikeskus

IBAN: EE482200001120254269 (Swedbank), SWIFT:HABAEE2X
IBAN: EE551010602016015008 (SEB), SWIFT:EEUHEE2X

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