Pluss is an Estonian Christian youth magazine in which lay answers to questions about the Bible, Christian ethics and life as a young Christian in today’s world. Contemporary films and music are discussed and information about upcoming Christian events is published. Pluss encourages young people to find a congregation and help out with the work there. In the magazine you will also find personal testimonies/experiences of young people who have made the decision to follow Christ.

Youth magazines are often compiled by well learnt and experienced uncles and aunts who drive to work in their Mercedes and in their free time play golf or tennis. Pluss is different, it is made by youths for youths! It is an opportunity to be involved with media work! The Plussmeedia team is made up of volunteers age 15-25 from congregations all over Estonia. Four times a year the team all sit down and plan the next issue of the magazine.

Pluss is a magazine in which you find the Message of Salvation – the Kingdom of Heaven has come near. Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6)

The publication tackles topics that are important to young people such as love, communication, values, self-esteem, our place in the world, the future and so on. For young seekers and Christians Pluss is the best magazine!

The magazine is published four times a year. The first Pluss came out in 2009. Publised by EELK Misjonikeskus (Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church’s Mission Center).

Here you can read all of our previous magazines – click the picture!